Sun Signs:

Taurus personality

Taurus people are stable and satisfied in life. However they are bulls that are charged for the moment. They love art, music and anything good and beautiful.

They are very affectionate in relationships and are comfort-loving. Being earthy signs they are down to earth.

Though they are materialistic, they have good values in life. They have a good taste and are connoisseurs of many things. Taurus people are good in sharing and caring too.

Taurus Babies

Taurus- When your baby happens to be a Taurus, then he or she would be quite calm and happy. They are down-to-earth and do not make greedy calls. However they are cautious of new people in their vicinity. They need a loving parent or guardian to feel safe. They are good in exploring things.

Taurus Boss

When a Taurus native happens to be your boss, he or she takes much time to take a decision and they are averse to major changes. But then they are loyal and rational in their thoughts and actions.

Taurus Family

For a Taurus native, family is the most important thing in life. They are driven by values and traditions. They are very loyal and protective of their family and its members. They have a good connection with their siblings, however when things go wrong they sever connections and become cold.

Taurus Father

The Taurus father is known for his stability and calm demeanour. He likes to give the best to his kids. He lays down rules for them and if not followed would lose his temper. He hates being rejected by his children. Loyalty, values and traditions mean a lot to him.

Taurus Fathers-in-law

Taurus fathers-in-law are one of the most protective among the zodiac signs. They need to be convinced that you are living safe and secure. They look out for good cooking in their daughters-in -law or for a steady career from a son-in-law. Also they know how to keep a good distance from you and earn your respect. They well appreciate the generation gaps that exist these days. They are not much bent on humor, hence do not resort to this at any cost if you ought to get into their good books.

Taurus Mother

A Taurus mother is full of stability and structure. Her children are always involved in after school activities and she is extremely supportive and is good at building up her children’s self-esteem.

She is also good at being a savvy buyer for her family. The Taurus mom can be very stubborn and she may have the tendency to spoil her children!

Taurus Mother-in-law

A Taurus mother-in-law is very conservative and down-to-earth. They are quite skeptical about things and think logically. They have a high degree of possessiveness when it comes to children and grandchildren. She likes to be pampered with gifts, praises and a high degree of respect. When she finds that you agree with her at all levels, your relationship is on good grounds. Else you are headed for trouble.

Taurus Mom and Dad

The Taurus mothers are always anxious about the future course of their children. They are very supportive and encouraging parents though. They make sure that their kids get all the accessories they want for their pursuits.

A Taurus Dad is a controlling type and instructs his children often as to what to do and what not to do. They however take responsibilities into their hands and are quite protective too. They are always found to be picking on their children all through their life.

Taurus Parents

A Taurus native as a parent would be well-organized and good in upbringing their children. They are very possessive and too controlling too. However they make sure that their children get the best experiences in life.

Taurus Grandparents

In general, Taurus grandparents would find it a little difficult to let go off their children or their grandchildren from their personal lives. Detachment takes a toll on their emotions and feelings. Most of them however learn to give the space needed for their grandchildren in course of time. They are very protective and caring. But then they are also prone to spoiling them. Taurus grandparents are sometimes found to be critical of their grandchildren's choices in life. But then they make good parents as well.

Taurus Dog

Taurus dogs, as like Taurus guys are very lazy. However they are very loyal and loving in nature. They are usually stubborn and love food a lot. They go crazy when they see food in front of them.

Taurus Cat

Taurus cats are also pretty lazy in nature and love to lie down under the Sun all day long. They love the best foods and seek out comfortable places to rest and relax.

Taurus Roommates

Having a Taurus person as a roommate would be very peaceful. They interact well with you and help you to balance life. They make sure that there are no fights and rifts around. However they can be found to be a bit stubborn in nature, are territorial and might withdraw at times.

Taurus Sibiling

A Taurus sibling is usually a lazy fellow who loves to sleep in all day long. He or she is a couch potato who does not care to do household chores. They hate fighting and are not quite competitive as well. However they are too possessive of their parents and want their undivided attention. They need parents who are very loving and supportive of them, else they lose heart. But with time they mature and can be a good confidant. They help you out when you are in personal or financial distress. They are good in advising and pampering their siblings.

Taurus Teacher

Taurus teachers are very disciplined and want their wards to be so too. They want their students to fill their minds with lots of knowledge and ideas. They are patient and quite stable in nature. Though their teachings would be boring sometimes they come up with creative projects. Taurus teachers do not spoil their students.

Taurus Teen

A Taurus teen is very impulsive and reckless than an older Taurus person. But then they yearn for stability and security in their relationships. They are not calm and patient though in their youth. Most natives are found to be too stubborn to handle and have their own way. With age however they tend to adapt to the climate around and lose their stubborn nature. They have a clear-cut goal and ambition in life. They know what they want and what they do not want out of life.

Taurus Aunts and Uncles

If your aunt or uncle is a Taurus native, then they would be willing to teach you new things in life. Through the course of life you would be taught vital life-hacks. They are also good in tuning you in for financial and legal issues.If your aunt or uncle is a Taurus native, then they would be willing to teach you new things in life. Through the course of life you would be taught vital life-hacks. They are also good in tuning you in for financial and legal issues.