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Nature of Taurus Man

A Taurus is generally very down to earth and reserved most of the time. They are characteristically self-composed, polite and sensible. They never rush at taking decision or anything for that matter but instead progress at very a slow pace that too after carefully considering the probable consequences of a step. They are not the kind of person where they can easily fall in for a female partner but take time to study if she would really suit them.

But once made up their mind they would go to any extent to proove their love. The Taurus male are very foody and when they get back home after work they look for a good and delicious supper. They also turn out to be a good father. They do not burst out with anger the moment they are lighted, where the graph shows a slow pick up but once it is set in blaze then it is very hard to control them. Though they are friendly, the Aries men have a few a friends and are very faithful to them and look forward for the same.


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