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Leisure Pursuits of Taurus

For the Taurus people leisure is more of fantasy which involves carefulness. They would either like to do nothing or just like that relax in a beach which is a way of unwinding for them, though they are also capable of physically strenuous activities. They prefer activities which are slow or those which can be performed sitting in a place. They involve games like snooker, chess or carom board. But for them watching TV is the most comfortable and happy way to pass their leisure time.

They can also get involved in concentration involving work like knitting, embroidery, puzzles, reading etc. Their love for nature also makes them participate in nature pertaining activities like fishing, bird watching and gardening. They regularly like to dine out for food and eating is a passion for them, which doesn't mean they are very foody or eat in quantities. It just that they relish even the small quantities they eat. The Taureans have a great passion for music. They like to take part in choirs giving music performances or go for dancing like classical and ballads.


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